Is homeschooling advantageous?

Homeschooling is a good choice

This is a big question before parents today, whether homeschooling is advantageous or not.

Of course, yes. Homeschooling is beneficial. Homeschooling offers many advantages for students.

1. Online Schools instead of employing locally available teachers can draw highly skilled and more talented teachers from different parts of the world.

2. Homeschooling is more flexible. Learners can set their own pace and time for learning according to their needs. They can learn from anywhere and anytime.

3. It is cost-effective. Homeschool is dearer than state-run schools but cheaper than private schools.

4. Homeschooling can act as a catalyst in the strengthening of family bonds. Homeschoolers spend lots of time with their families while learning and playing. This creates a strong bond between homeschoolers and their family members.

5. Homeschooling allows a learner to take the Cambridge University examination. If you are an Indian residing in a foreign country, you can opt for an international baccalaureate programme. If you want your child to study Indian courses, in that case, your child can take secondary and senior secondary examinations of CBSE as a private candidate. National Institute of Open Schooling is also a good alternative. Several state governments have their board of open schooling.

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